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Asian Inspired Bright Steak Salad

I like my steak really, really rare; not quite blue, but the closest shade possible (a particularly rosy shade of indigo?).  I generally make steak about once a month, I can go weeks without red meat and then suddenly I need the rarest, bloodiest, still perfectly pink red inside and seared on the outside steak […]

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The Roast is Ready for the Slow Cooker

Pre-slow cooker pot roast and accompanying vegetables (plus a generous handful of Italian parsley); photo taken in the early afternoon while there was still daylight.

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Fantastic Slow Cooker Pot Roast

My slow cooker, my friend. And a worthy friend at that! I can roughly chop a bunch of ingredients up, throw them in my slow cooker, and 4-8 hours later I have a meal that is comforting, delicious, complex in flavour, and almost always yields leftovers. Pot roast is an especially rewarding slow cooker meal, the final […]

Beef Stew

Beef and Root Vegetable Stew

Mondays are now actually Sundays according to my current work schedule and I have spent this particular Sunday making beef stew. Beef stew epitomizes cozy afternoons spent lazily cooking and drinking mug after mug of Earl Grey tea while the rain falls ceaselessly outside your window. And also this: If anything, that makes me feel […]