My name is Ashley Linkletter and I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband Ian and 8 finally thriving houseplants. By day I work as a food writer and photographer, content writer, and copywriter. I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to have parents who not only taught me how to cook but also let me freely experiment in the kitchen. I’m officially an introvert and I find at the end of the day, or in the middle of a quiet Sunday afternoon, there is nothing more I like to do than listen to music and prepare a beautiful meal. The food I eat is that of a staunch omnivore with a great appreciation for vegetarian and vegan cooking. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I love Kettle brand Peperoncini chips dearly, anything salty or pickly is perfect for me.

I’m always coming from a place of comfortable reflexiveness when I cook. Foodie culture has made preparing food a feat rather than a joy and I can’t stand that rhetoric, making food for yourself or those you love shouldn’t feel like being thrown into a competition. Coming from a background in the food industry, I see this all the time and I want people to feel free to do as they like. Experimentation with ingredients, flavours, and textures should be fun and spontaneous, not overly planned and orchestrated.

Beyond food my very specific interests include reading Gothic horror and Scandinavian crime fiction, recreating fancy cocktails, trading music with my sister, crocheting elaborate blankets while watching episodes of Peep Show and Spaced, going for long walks in the rain and listening to podcasts, meticulously shopping for groceries, and running around the sea wall.

My favourite foods are watermelon, salsa, and braised short ribs. My favourite cocktail is a basil gimlet and my favourite wine is gently chilled Beaujolais. My favourite books are The Sacred and Profane Love Machine by Iris Murdoch and The Monk by Matthew Lewis.

My written work has appeared in Culture cheese magazine, eatmagazine.ca, SAD Magazine, and Scout Magazine. I’m a regular writer and contributor for Weight Watchers Canada, HealthyWay, and the Canadian cheese column for Food Bloggers of Canada.

My full writing and photography portfolio can be found at AshleyLinkletter.com.

I can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Email me at musicwithdinner@gmail.com with questions about my blog or writing services, cheese inquiries, or life advice.

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hi ashley – i love the look and feel of your blog and look forward to learning about all things food from you. thanks for reading and following my words too –



Ashley, I am intrigued by your favorite book, The Monk. Not many people are familiar with this early work. An important literary contribution. Your writings are most enjoyable, as are your food choices. I will “share” your blog. I look forward to dinner and music with you.

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