Big Falafel Salad

Salad 1

I have Mondays off and so I spent the day writing a cheese article, doing laundry, going for a run, and eating a very late burrito lunch with my sister. I always try to stay true to my eating routine on non-work days but almost every single time the act of sleeping in leads to forgetting to eat until much later in the day. Anyway, I consequently had a very late dinner as well so decided to go the salad route to avoid too much heavy food before bedtime. I’ve been buying frozen falafels that only need 5 minutes to warm in the toaster oven and so they’ve become the main building block for lots of¬†impromptu meals. This one included (besides the falafels): spinach, orange peppers, grape tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese, tahini dressing, fresh parsley and basil, Sriracha, black sesame seeds, and hemp nuts.

Dragon Fruit 1

Also, look at this pink beauty! I am so excited to have Dragon fruit for breakfast tomorrow; it somehow makes it easier to begin the work week when there’s something special to eat waiting for you.

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