Curried Chickpea and Vegetable Batch Cooking Lunch

Curry Lunch 2Inspired by various Instagram accounts and my own desire to keep bringing my lunch to work 4 out of the 5 days I work each week I decided to batch cook come vegetarian curry for the upcoming work week. I began with 2 zucchinis and 2 sweet peppers, roasted at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes. Before roasting I tossed them with a generous glug of olive oil, a hearty pinch of salt and pepper, and a teaspoon or so worth of curry powder and also of coriander (toss with a large handful of cilantro upon removal from the oven.) The chickpeas were cooked with diced red onion, 1/2 can of coconut milk, and at least 2 Tbsp. of green curry paste; 1/2 tsp. turmeric was added for colour towards the end of cooking. Finally, I added some mashed sweet potato to the mix to round the lunch out. The whole process took me about an hour, with most of it being downtime as I waited for the ingredients to cook. Now I have almost a whole week’s worth of nutritious lunches for an hour’s worth of work, amazing!

Lunch Curry 2

I’ve been having a lot of dance sessions courtesy of The House of Love…

The House of Love – Marble

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