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Congee with Shredded Chicken

I think I’ve made this congee with shredded chicken three times in the last two weeks, mainly on my Sundays alone (which is actually a Monday). Sunday/Mondays are the days when I tend to do writing work and clean the apartment. Lately it’s been either grey or white skies I wake up to, both are […]

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Lentil Salad with Cumin Roasted Vegetables

Yet another salad recipe, this one featuring the warm toastiness of roasted vegetables dusted with cumin before a turn in a hot oven. I bought a box of Laird’s Lentils from GRAIN, a small but dedicated company committed to selling grains sourced from Canadian farmers (many grains are shipped and processed overseas, never making it […]

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Polenta and Poached Eggs

This is one of those recipes that epitomizes what comfort food really means. It’s hot, it’s filling, it’s starchy, and its taste is soothingly mellow. I know instant polenta is frowned upon, but when making this for one person it seems silly to make a whole pot of authentic polenta. Besides, instant polenta is so […]

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Simple Roasted Vegetables and Brown Rice

Today was my first day back at work after being on holiday visiting my family in London, Ontario for the week and I was really feeling the adjustment tonight when I got home. It’s especially easy on nights like this to succumb to delivery, but roasted vegetables are a fast and hands off way to […]

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Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a tetchy subject to bring up when discussing food with friends, opinions are stubborn and often extreme in nature. People either love rice pudding or they hate it, it needs to be made using ___ type of rice, cream versus milk, add-ins versus an unadorned pudding… the list is long and paved […]

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Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats

If there’s anything I can do to make breakfast more appealing, I’ll do it. It was difficult to learn to love breakfast, I like sleeping late and eating breakfast always seemed like a waste of precious sleeping time. I had to bribe myself out of bed each morning by promising my future morning self a […]

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Batch Cooking: Bean and Brown Rice Burritos

When the sun begins to set earlier at what feels like alarming speed I start to feel as though I have fewer hours in my day. Of course this isn’t true but it’s hard to ignore the psychological effects of less daylight, so I try to do things that will make the time I do […]