Fireworks Party Cheese Plate


Plate of cheeses with fresh figs and cherries

Here’s a cheese plate I made for a fireworks party on Saturday night. We watched China compete in the Festival of Light on a rooftop garden and had barbecue sausages and beers to celebrate. Because I worked this Saturday I was late getting home so I assembled half of it the night before in order to save time. Luckily, it seems that everyone always has room for cheese so my board was eaten with relish long after dinner had actually been finished. This crowd pleasing cheese plate features (clockwise from top) triple cream Belle Creme, Five Counties cheddar, le Cendrillon, Allegretto, l’Edel de Cleron, fresh Brillat-Savarin, Pikauba, and a sharp smoked cheddar in the centre. I love when fresh figs are in season and experience actual joy when carrying a tray of these intensely pink filled green jewels home from the grocery store. It’s amazing how much fresh and dried fruit draws all of the elements together, it will always add life and lush appeal when added to an otherwise monochromatic cheese plate.

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