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Christmas Baking

Gingerbread Cake

Dark and spicy gingerbread cake.

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies with lime royal icing.

Christmas tree

And something quiet and nostalgic to perfect the mood…

Loreena McKennitt – In Praise of Christmas

By Ashley Linkletter

I'm a food writer living in Vancouver, BC.

One reply on “Christmas Baking”

So i took the dare and made this Dark and spicy gingerbread cake.for the holidays for my extended family.
Does have some bite..and Oh so spongy.
This recipe makes a huge cake.
Funny how a small piece suffices. Can not recall any cakes i have had that were this good yet satisfied the taste buds so easily.
Makes a perfect marriage with whipping cream, ice cream, ice cream & whipping cream , ice cream with a tad amount of Hazelnut Espresso vodka or even with a cup of tea.
Just had a one of the last remnants of the cake with whipping cream for breakfast..could not let the whipping cream go to waste when all the people in China are starving.

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