What to do with Arugula and a Fried Egg

For lunch today I sat outside and ate this arugula salad made from some of the items I bought at the farmers market yesterday. I tossed together about 2 cups of washed and dried arugula, a sunny yellow tomato, half an avocado, pickled red onions, a glug of olive oil, cayenne pepper and a fried egg to top it off (the wonderful orange creaminess of the yolk pairs brilliantly with the assertiveness of the arugula.) Finish with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper for a really easy and beautiful midday meal for one. Afterwards have a bowl of strawberries and fiddle with the balcony garden for a half hour or so before embarking on a walk in the sunshine (at least that’s what I’m planning on doing.)

And continue with even more samba music.

Bebel Gilberto – Batucada



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  1. lynda says:

    Put a bird on it!

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