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Baked Trout with Lemon and Herbs

A sure-to-impress one-dish recipe for perfectly baked trout with lemon and herbs — who says preparing fish at home has to be difficult? Whenever I eat baked trout I feel as though I’m somehow instantly becoming a healthier and better person by proxy. This sensation is partly psychological, although there’s no denying the nutritional benefits that are […]

Easy Fish

Orange and Parsley Marinated Halibut with Fresh Corn Salsa

I have been craving fish for weeks now. My mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of thick tuna, seared quickly and then served with sesame. I’ve been thinking cold poached salmon with capers and crisp butter lettuce. And I could never forget halibut, particularly the stark white creaminess of a baked halibut steak. I succumbed on the […]

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Garlic Chili Orange Salmon with Herbed Citrus Rice

Because I spend my days working with beautiful food and talking non-stop about beautiful food with people who are all passionate about cooking in both their professional and personal lives (it’s a challenge, indeed) I sometimes find myself at home at the end of the day in need of sustenance but strongly averse to the […]